The history of Siberian cats in Poland is relatively short. The breed was introduced into Poland in 1990, but only eight years later, on 31st Jan 1998, it was legalised during the XVI International Cat Show.

Siberian cats are often compared to a Norwegian Forest Cat and an Ameriacan Main Coon because they are also semilonghair forest cats which developed naturally without any human interference. The Siberian cat is mascular and strong but smaller than their American cousins. Siberian females’ average is 4-6 kilograms whereas males may weigh up to 10 kilograms, and it takes up to 5 years to attain their full growth.

Body: Siberian cats are characterised as animals of strong mascular and moderately long body. The have big feet and between the toes there are characteristic tufts of hair.

Head: It is rounded.The chin is well developed and the cheekbones are stressed by the strong jaw. The forehead is slightly domed and the nose is long and curved.

Eyes: They are large and oval, usually, of green or amber-brown colour.

Ears: They are medium large, set low and wide. Frequently, there are characteristic tufts at the tips of Siberian cats’ ears.

Tail: It is thick and fluffy often with long brush.

Coat: Siberian cats are of half-long, thick, firm and glossy coat.

Siberian cats are of all colour and pattern varieties.

Personality: Siberian cats are loyal, good natured and confident. They are affectionate, highly intelligent and fascinating since initially they were cats which lived at large. They are playful, active and are generally sociable. They also enjoy company of other pets at home and get along well with rabbits, guinea pigs and dogs. A Siberian cat quickly becomes a real member of a family. It participates actively in the life of the whole family, not only its own. It also likes playing with children. It is affectionate towards them and patient with them. Siberian cats are also curious and like problem solving toys. Frequently, they even follow their owner round the flat not to miss anything interesting taking place on their territory. They are often called “the dog” of the cat world since they are loyal and friendly towards their owners just like dogs.